Friday, August 13, 2010

The Future of Wind Energy with Dr. Robert Gresham

The topic for the podcast is wind energy, a growing field that needs input and research from tribologists and lubrication engineers. We talk to Dr. Robert Gresham about the topic. Dr. Gresham is the Director of Professional Development at STLE and is responsible for the education and certification programs there. He has organized and attended many technical sessions and written many articles on the subject of wind energy. In the podcast, he discusses the most important issues facing the field today, recent developments, what industry professionals are talking about and what they should be talking about.

His conclusion? Listen to find out.

STLE’s website, has many resources that you can search to find more information, including Dr. Gresham’s articles. The newest article on this topic was published in May, in STLE's monthly member magazine, Tribology Lubrication & Technology, and was titled, "Wind in the Willows." To view the latest articles, you can click on the link in the right hand panel, which will take you to the current digital issue of TLT.

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  1. Great first podcast. I've been looking for information like this. Please continue to provide free technical information.