Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Condition Monitoring with Jack Poley

In this episode, Jack Poley, Technical Director for Kittiwake-Americas, describes his view of the Condition Monitoring field and provides some information on the CM Education Course that will be given at the 2011 STLE Annual Meeting.

Listen to hear what Jack has to say about the course - providing you with an inside look at the course itself, including: course instructors, the intended audience, topical coverage and some helpful tips that you can apply in your work. The course includes four modules:

  • Why Condition Monitoring with Chad Chichester, Dow Corning

  • Basics of a CBM Program with Evan Zabawski, FluidLife

  • Oil Analysis Tests and Data Evaluation with Jack, CMI

  • Failure Modes and Data Integration with Allison Toms, GasTops

Click the "play" button on the slider bar to play the episode in your screen, or if that doesn't work, you can click here to play or download the episode. If you prefer, you can read or translate the interview transcript by clicking here. Visit our website for more information on condition monitoring, this and other education courses, and the 2011 Annual Meeting, which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. Jack writes a bi-monthly feature on Condition Monitoring for TLT, so make sure you check out the last issue. TLT is a wealth of information, as you can see from these previously published articles:

Remember, STLE has a depth and breadth of knowledge and resources on a variety of topics, and our website is always a great place to start your search.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Learn About Grease with Chuck Coe

In this episode, Chuck Coe, Owner/Founder of Grease Technology Solutions LLC, discusses grease and the Annual Meeting Education Course, Grease 101, which covers basic grease concepts. This course is held jointly with NLGI, the National Lubricating Grease Institute.

Chuck is the Education Course Committee Chair for STLE, the Vice President of NLGI, and the Technical Committee Co-Chair for NLGI. He holds both the NLGI CLGS and the STLE CLS designations. For this course, Chuck will teach the first module, which offers an introduction and background on greases, to be followed by instructors covering many topics including: base oils, grease manufacturing, grease testing, grease selection, applications, and problem solving. If you deal with greases, you will hear why this course is one you cannot afford to miss.

Click the "play" button (triangle shape on the right) on the slider bar to play the episode in your screen, or if that doesn't work (due to security settings or computer configuration), you can click here to either play or download the episode. If you prefer, you can read the transcript by clicking here. If you download the text, you will be able to translate it for your use.

You can visit our website for more information on grease, this or other education courses, and the 2011 STLE Annual Meeting. To get some background information before the course, you can read the TLT article, "Understanding Grease Construction and Function." If you have questions, you can contact us at information@stle.org.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Your Personal Tour Guide to Atlanta, Georgia

In this episode, Art Vogel, Treasurer and Committee Member of the STLE Local Section in Atlanta, provides a personal tour of his city and offers some travel tips, places to visit and even good restaurants where you can get authentic Southern cooking. To listen to what Art has to say, click play on the slider bar above, or click on this link to download the episode. You can also read the transcript here.

In the episode, Art mentions several places, and you can check them out for yourself by visiting their websites:
Places to eat:

Places to visit:

  • Stone Mountain Park: one of the largest masses of exposed granite; one of the 7 Wonders of Georgia. Has a train, boating, hiking, golf courses, and a large sculpture

  • Inside CNN Tour: get an inside look at CNN and its operations at its world headquarters

  • The World of Coca-Cola: try different, global versions of Coke at this unique attraction

  • Atlanta Cyclorama: a 3-D panorama that depicts the Civil War Battle of Atlanta

Don't forget to register for the Annual Meeting! For more ideas on what to see, where to go, and how to save money, you can visit Southern Hospitality Savings, which has some discounts on local attractions. Visit our website to register and explore the Annual Meeting details, including more information on activities and events you can attend while in Atlanta. We hope to see you there!

If you are looking for solid business reasons to attend the Annual Meeting, you can read: A Business Case for STLE's Annual Meeting written by STLE's Director of Professional Development, Robert Gresham. The Annual Meeting is a great networking event, and will propel your company and your career. It's not all business, though. You can have a little fun while you are in town, so take full advantage of everything the 2011 Annual Meeting has to offer!