Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tribology in Biology with Alison Dunn

Biotribology as a field has been defined as the study of friction, lubrication and wear in biological systems. In this field, there has been significant focus on joints, including the hip, with a large amount of research devoted to hip replacements. Biotribology as a field is more expansive and looks at any biological application, including structures like the heart and the eye. Today’s podcast addresses the field in general and ocular tribology specifically.

In the interview, we talk with Alison Dunn, a PhD candidate at the University of Florida, who has specialized in this area of research. Listen to find out more. You can subscribe to the Official STLE Podcast to get future podcasts automatically. If you'd like to read the interview, take a look at the transcript.

STLE’s website has many resources that you can search to find more information, including more on the 2010 International Joint Tribology Conference as well as information on Alison Dunn and Dr. Sawyer, their work, and Dr. Sawyer’s abstract for his IJTC keynote address. You can also visit the University of Florida’s Tribology Laboratory website for more information about their work and research. TLT, STLE's monthly member magazine, also has an article addressing biotribology, as well as an article that addresses this work specifically.