Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Antonis Vakis, Harman Khare discuss their experience at the 2011 IJTC

This week, we feature two interviews with Student Poster Competition winners from the 2011 International Joint Tribology Conference.

In this first interview, we talk to Antonis Vakis (at right), who was one of three students to place in the competition (alongside Harman Khare and Justin Ye). In the interview, Antonis talks about his experience, what it's like to present, and encourages all students to get involved in conferences and technical societies like STLE.

Be sure to check out the March issue of TLT, where Antonis' extended abstract was published. Harman's will be published in April and Justin's will be published later on in the summer.

In the second interview, we hear from Harman Khare (at right), who was also one of the winners from the Student Poster Competition. Harman discusses his experience from the conference and competition, the steps leading up to presenting, and the number one benefit he sees from participation: the opportunity to present in front of peers and get feedback on research. According to Harman, conferences like the IJTC are "idea factories" which assist you in your own research.

To get the full experience, you can watch both presentations:
Antonis Vakis: 3-DOF Model of Magnetic Storage Head Disk Interface for Use with Adhesive Contact Model with Friction
Harman Khare: Characterization of Nanoscale Surface Films in Solid Lubricants

The student poster competition is held each year at both STLE conferences - the IJTC and the STLE Annual Meeting. Click here to see photos from the IJTC - and feel free to keep submitting your own photos, and use this as a way to find photos of yourself and your colleagues. You can also see a full list of the Poster Competition participants and winners on the Award Winners page. For details on this year's Annual Meeting Student Poster Competition, visit the event page.

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