Friday, July 20, 2012

Brand New: Customized Content for the STLE Audience

We're working to create more customized content for you via technical newsletters. These newsletters will feature content all related to one topic (for instance, Metalworking Fluids), and will be put together by our technical committees. The articles included in each newsletter will be easily digestible and will be posted online quarterly (or on a regular schedule).

First Newsletter Release: MWFs
In this first release, which will be sent out Monday, July 23, the newsletter is focused on Metalworking and Metalworking Fluids. As we build up more content, there will be newsletters devoted to each technical committee, including bearings, gears, grease, and so on. See the full list of committees for more information. If you'd like to suggest a newsletter topic, just let us know.

This newsletter includes articles written by John Burke; Neil Canter; Alan Eachus; Alan Eckard, Vice President of Technology with Monroe Fluid Technology; Frederick Passman; and John Steigerwald, Vice President of Etna Products, Inc. The articles included are:
How to Access or Sign up for the Newsletter
Non-Members: If you're interested in receiving this newsletter, but you're not a member - all you have to do is sign up on our website for free. Visit our homepage,, and click "Create An Account" on the left hand side of the screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click to create a non-member account. If you think you might have an account, or the system says it recognizes you in the database or says there is a duplicate, please contact us to get your login information. You can contact us at (847) 825-5536 or at

Members: If you're interested in receiving this newsletter and you're already a member, log on at, and click "Update My Demographic Information" on the right hand side of your profile. There, under Interests, you'll find a list of topics and you can select what you're interested in (including Metalworking Fluids). You can mark more than one field. For example, if you're interested in Metalworking Fluids and Lubricant Fundamentals, just hold down the CTRL button to select multiple items. Once you mark your areas of interest, you will start to receive our quarterly emails about the newsletter as they are released. You can also forward this information to colleagues who might be interested in the content. The content is not just for members - it's for the entire STLE audience, so share and share alike!

Interested in contributing content?
If you're interested in contributing content, please contact Kara Sniegowski at We are looking for articles that are 400-800 words (maximum 1,000 words), or about one page, that focus on a specific topic within different industries, including metalworking fluids (see the list of all technical committees to see what topics we're looking for). If you're interested in joining a technical committee, contact the Chair of that committee.
Once you receive the newsletter or check it out online, we want to know what you think! Post your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

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