Friday, December 14, 2012

Webinar Archive - Suggestions Just For You

Maximize Your Professional Development with the STLE Webinar Archive
All events from 2011 and 2012 have been grouped by topic, so you can find archived events that may be of interest to you. Archived webinars include presentation slides and recording of the presentation (audio synched with slides), assessment/survey (for recertification), and related articles as well as presenter contact information, so you can follow up with any questions.

If you haven't attended a webinar yet, and you're not sure if it's for you, check out some of the testimonials we've received (we're blushing!):
  • "STLE Webinars provide extremely useful information with access to industry leaders - all from the comfort of my own office, so I can participate from a remote location. I get to learn new concepts and brush up on the fundamentals without traveling." - Attendee
  • "Webinars provide good information that's easy to access, and at a reasonable price." - James Fields, President, J. Follace Oil, Inc.
  • Quality speaker, valuable content and just the right length -- STLE University maximizes my self-development program." - Richard Williams, Manager, Evonik Oil Additives
  • "Just a superb format; specialized knowledge drives our industry and STLE is my source of preference." - Chris Foree, Farmers Cooperative
  • "STLE webinars are an extremely cost effective way to attend lectures, instructional classes and to earn continuing education credits towards re-certifications." - Shane Allen, Summit Industrial Products
  • Looking for something specific? See below for webinars that fall into your area of interest. The link will take you to the event information, and then you can visit the STLE Store to purchase.



      Advanced Data Interpretation/Alarm Limits (start of the CM Data Interpretation Series, 10% discount on all 6 recordings; as listed below)
      Additional Testing (FTIR, AN, BN, Particle Counting)


    FOOD GRADE - available as part of the Food Grade Series - includes 3 events below






    For more information, see the in-progress schedule for 2013. January through April feature some
    great topics, but we're still working on the rest of the year. If you have suggestions, now would be
    the time to speak up!

    Have you attended any of the above? What'd you think?

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