Thursday, August 22, 2013

Turbine Oil Selection with Greg Livingstone, Fluitec International

Greg Livingstone
Join us for this week's interview, where we talk with Greg Livingstone, Chief Marketing Officer of Fluitec International about selecting a proper turbine oil for your application.

Greg covers types of oils used in turbines and their properties, when it's time to select a new oil, potential changes you should implement in your condition monitoring program with new oils, and selection criteria - including Greg's advice to look beyond the spec sheet, and some tests you should run when selecting an oil (which includes a new test Greg helped develop which provides more reliable data on how the oil will perform in the field). 

To listen to the interview, click here for the audio, or click here to read the transcript. 

You might also be interested in our previous interview with Greg on Oil Analysis & Predictive Maintenance (click here for the recording), or his upcoming interview that will be released in the November issue of the Power Generation eNewsletter on Turbine Oil Degradation. 

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