Thursday, September 8, 2011

STLE Online Education Feature - Short Courses: Lubricant Composition and Metalworking Fluids

As we approach the Metalworking Fluid Management Certificate Course in November - if you are looking to attend the course, or if you just want to gain a background on metalworking fluids, take a look at our Short Courses - both the Lubricant Composition short course (which includes a discussion on additives, as well as other discussions on base oils and greases), and the Metalworking Fluids short course. The MWF Short Course covers the types and functions of metalworking fluids and guidelines for recommending a specific application, as well as metal removal fluids. In addition, a module on Metal Forming will be released soon. If you're looking to lay a good foundation of knowledge before the MWF Course or create a good jumping off point for your career, these are two good places to start. You can also take a look at our other short courses available including Basic Lubrication and Fluid Management & Recycling. These courses are not just good resources, but they can also be applied towards recertification, aiding your career in more ways than one. See below for screenshots from the Metalworking Fluids Short Course.


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