Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Interview with the Author: Lubrication & Maintenance of Industrial Machinery - Best Practices and Reliability

Join us this week as we talk to Robert Gresham, one of the editors of this invaluable book for maintenance and reliability professionals, which shows how lubrication maintenance fits into an overall proactive maintenance program. Written by leading industry experts, each chapter discusses an important aspect of lubrication, including deterioration, test methods, cleanliness, failure analysis, scheduling, handling and storage, conservation, and used oil recycling. The text also covers centralized lubrication systems, as well as the environmental implications associated with various lubricants. Click "play" in the slider bar above, click here to download/play the episode, or click here to read the transcript.

This book includes the following chapters:

  • Full Circle Reliability, M. Castle

  • The Degradation of Lubricants in Service Use, M.F. Fox

  • Lubricant Properties and Test Methods, L.A. Toms and A.M. Toms

  • Contamination Control and Failure Analysis, J. Stecki

  • Environmental Implications and Sustainability Concepts for Lubricants, M.F. Fox

  • Lubrication Program Development and Scheduling, M. Johnson

  • Lubricant Storage, Handling, and Dispensing, M. Barnes

  • Conservation of Lubricants and Energy, R.L. Johnson and J.C. Fitch

  • Centralized Lubrication Systems—Theory and Practice, P. Conley and A. Grach

  • Used Oil Recycling and Environmental Considerations, D.W. Brinkman and B.J. Parry

Click here to visit the STLE Store to purchase the book (available at a 20% discount for STLE members), or click here to read an excerpt of the book. This book is a handy reference for those looking to take STLE's Certified Lubrication Specialist® (CLS) exam, and a good desk reference for everyday troubleshooting and administration.


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