Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Biobased Lubricants with Dr. Joseph Perez

In the second installment of our interview with Dr. Joseph Perez, we discuss bio-based lubricants. Bio-based lubricants are defined as lubricants that are formulated with renewable and biodegradable base stocks. Dr. Perez covers the advantages, potential detractors, the competition with petroleum-based products, and the challenges faced when researching and working with bio-based lubricants.

This podcast is part of a series designed to give you more information about a given topic while also providing information about our upcoming education courses offered at the 2011 STLE Annual Meeting. You can listen to expert interviews and preview education courses at the same time. To listen to this episode, click the "play" button on the slider bar above, download this week's episode, or read the transcript. You can get more information on bio-based lubricants, explore more about the Annual Meeting and see what other courses are offered on our website.

You can read more about the topic by checking out the following articles: Eco-Friendly Fluids for the Lubricants Industry, Biobased Lubricants: Gearing up for a Green World, Everything Old is New Again, and Planting Hope. These are all articles that can be found in previous issues of TLT, Tribology & Lubrication Technology, STLE's monthly member magazine. Click here to view the digital version of this month's issue, or click here to get your own subscription.

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