Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tribochemistry and Nanoscale Surface Interactions in Nanotribology with David Huitink

In this episode, we discuss the interesting and growing field of nanotribology from a PhD student's perspective. David Huitink attends Texas A&M and is active in STLE. Most recently, he founded the Texas A&M University Chapter of STLE and served as its President in 2010. Listen as David discusses his work: using nanoscale contact to study friction and tribochemical reactions. This involves studying the chemical and interfacial reactions taking place at the nanoscale as a result of friction and contact forces.

To experience the interview, click the play button in the slider bar above, download the episode here, and read or translate the text version of the interview here.

Visit our website for more information about nanotribology. For more on David, you can read his winning Student Poster Abstract that was submitted at the 2010 STLE Annual Meeting and later published in TLT. You can also visit the Liang research group website by clicking here.

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