Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Extending Rolling Element Bearing Life: The Interdependence of Lubrication, Environment and Material with Dan Snyder

In this episode, we talk to Dan Snyder who discusses the interrelated forces that come into play when selecting and utilizing bearings. Having worked in the industry for 50 years, Dan has seen many changes and improvements that have greatly affected bearing performance. We take advantage of his experience while covering his thoughts on ISO 281:2007, bearing life factors, things to consider for different applications, and his advice for OEMs and end users. Click on the slider bar to play the episode in your screen, download the episode, or read and translate the transcript.

Dan's best practices for extending bearing life: "Be sure you identify the actual operating conditions for the bearing and select your lubrication accordingly. Use a good quality bearing from a reputable supplier, use recommended practices for both installation and lubrication and be aware how changes in machine use can affect bearing life. Today, maintaining the proper lubricant quality and cleanness through a rigorous condition monitoring program can go a long way."

What are your best practices?

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