Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Metalworking Fluid Additvies: Amines & Microbicides with Jerry Byers

In this episode, Jerry Byers, Manager of Product Research & Development at Cimcool, discusses metalworking fluid additives, amines, microbicides, and the chemistry used to make these products. Given the fear that additives sometimes elicit (speaking specifically about diethanolamide), Jerry tries to dispel any misconceptions and argues for the proper use of both amines and microbicides. Download the episode, click on the play button above, or read the transcript to listen to our discussion.

Visit our website for more information about MWFs, additives, amines and microbicides. If you want to learn more about microbicides, check out Microbial Problems in MWFs or Current Trends in MWF Microbicides. You can also purchase the webinar given by Dr. Fred Passman on the subject of Biofilm Control. For a primer, you can purchase the Metalworking Fluids online course, or read the Lubricant Fundamentals article (which appears in TLT), Basics of MWFs.

For more information, check out these articles, as suggested by Jerry: Selecting the 'Perfect' Metalworking Fluid, A Watchful Eye on Amines, and Debunking the Myths about Formaldehyde Condensates and Metalworking Fluids. Jerry has also written a book, Metalworking Fluids, Second Edition - click here to read the review.

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