Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Space Tribology with Chris DellaCorte, Senior Research Tribologist, NASA

In this interview, we talk to Chris DellaCorte, Senior Research Tribologist at NASA's Glenn Research Center. We cover some background and definitions including the difference between solid and liquid lubricants, as well as research updates - his work on Nitinol, a new material for bearings, the S.A.R.J. relubrication project (pictured at right), new developments in the field, and what changes might come about as a result of the conclusion of the Shuttle Program. Listen to the episode for more details (click the link to open or save the file), click the play button above, or read/translate the transcript.

Visit our website for more information on space tribology, including two articles that Chris has written: History's Ultimate Lube Job, and A Blue Moon for Tribology. If you're interested in more information on space tribology, you can listen to the previous interview we did with Brandon Krick, a graduate student working on MISSE7 (Materials on the International Space Station Experiment).

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