Thursday, October 27, 2011

November Webinar: Base Oils - Their Manufacture, Properties, Performance, and Applications with John Rosenbaum

Join us on November 22, 2011 for this month's webinar on Base Oils: Their Manufacture, Properties, Performance, and Applications with Dr. John Rosenbaum, Senior Product Development Engineer at Chevron Global Base Oils.

Abstract: This presentation will feature a discussion of the new types of base oils that have been introduced in recent years. These include high quality mineral oils, specialty PAOs and vegetable oil-derived esters, as well as gas-to-liquid (GTL) base oils. See the event listing for more.

Bio: Throughout his 30-year career at Chevron Global Base Oils, STLE member Dr. John Rosenbaum has stayed on the cusp of technological development for producing higher performing fuels and lubricants. In his early days as a research engineer in synthetic fuels and mineral-processing programs, he managed projects in coal cleaning, tar sands, extraction of complex sulfide ores and direct reduction of iron ores. After 3 years in minerals research, John spent the next 17 years research catalysts and process technologies for improving the chemical and physical properties of fuels and lubricant base oils. During that time, he also spearheaded Chevron's experimental program to make liquid fuels and lubricant base oil from natural gas. John has served as a member of the original development team for Chevron's ISODEWAXING Catalyst System that revolutionized the production of cost-effective, high-purity, premium base oils, so he is well-versed in base oils and all they are associated with. John received a bachelor's degree in chemistry from San Diego State University and a doctorate in materials science and mineral engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. He is the author and co-author of over 50 U.S. patents and several publications.

The registration deadline is November 21, 2011. With your purchase, you will be able to attend the live event (and ask all the questions you can think of), receive a copy of the recording, a transcript of the Q&A Session, access to reading/reference materials on the subject, presentation slides, and access to the assessment for use in the recertification process. Cost to attend is $39 for members and $59 for non-members.

See the event flyer for more information or click here to visit the event listing on To register and secure your seat, click here. This link will take you to the STLE Store, and once there, you will need to log in and then click "add to your products" to start the purchase process. If you have any questions or would to register multiple people, please contact us at (847) 825-5536 or at

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