Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Keynote at #STLE2012: Margaret Stack Discusses the Tribo-Corrosion Network

In this episode, we get a chance to talk to Dr. Margaret Stack, keynote speaker for the 2012 STLE Annual Meeting (#STLE2012). Margaret's talk, entitled "Exploring the Tribo-Corrosion Network," will take place on Monday, May 7, 10:30 a.m. to noon in the America's Center, St. Louis, Missouri (USA). See below for an abstract of her talk, her bio, and some more resources.

Professor Margaret Stack, BE MSc PhD DSc, has served in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, since January 2001. She was awarded a DSc from UMIST the University of Manchester in 2003 based on her published work. She is the author of 140 papers on wear (solid particle erosion, sliding wear and micro-abrasion) of materials in corrosive environments and has presented the work at more than 50 national and international conferences. Much of her work has focused on the development of mechanistic maps to describe materials behavior in tribo-corrosion conditions (in dry and wet environments) and on the development of mathematical models of these processes. Professor Stack is a member of several editorial boards including Tribology International and Open Applied Physics. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and is the U.K. representative to the EFC working party on tribo-corrosion.

Tribology can lead to corrosion and also interact with corrosion processes. The possible mechanisms involved and the variables which contribute to the degradation are many. Hence, description of such interactions presents a major challenge for researchers in this area.In recent years, various mapping methodologies have been proposed in an attempt to define tribocorrosion mechanisms. These assign regimes of material behavior based on the tribology and corrosion contributions to the wastage. They also are used to identify synergies between the processes and material wastage levels which can be tolerated for the exposure conditions.In this presentation, tribo-corrosion maps for erosion-corrosion, microabrasion-corrosion and sliding wear-corrosion are discussed. Mathematical models, which have been developed in this area, will be presented. In addition, some typical examples of how such maps can be used to solve important tribo-corrosion scenarios in Industry will be addressed.

To find out more about the topic, you can read the abstract of the co-authored paper in the journal Wear, entitled: "Tribo-Corrosion Mechanisms of Stainless Steel in Soft Drinks."

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