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Metalworking Fluid Management Certificate Course to be held in Philadelphia, PA

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The Metalworking Fluid Management Certificate Course is back for 2013, and registration is now open!

Course Details 
Date/Time: 2 1/2 day course held February 19-21, 2013 (Tues-Thurs)
Location: Hampton Inn at the Airport, 8600 Bartram Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153
Instructors: Dr. Neil Canter and Dr. Frederick Passman

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Overview: This course provides a comprehensive overview of metalworking fluids, and is led by industry-renowned experts. The course is tailored to provide you with a comprehensive look at the latest techniques and practices that are sure to improve your metalworking fluid operation. The course gives you the opportunity to review the various operations that use metalworking fluids, explore the fundamentals of fluid and additive chemistry, analyze factors that affect the quality of metalworking fluids and the work environment, learn about the unique aspects of metalworking fluid microbiology and toxicology, and review a broad range of condition monitoring tests, learning how to use condition monitoring to manage metalworking fluids in individual sumps and large central systems.

Course Fee: $600 for STLE members; $735 for non-members (includes 1 year of free membership)
Inclusions: Course book/materials, lunch on full course days, breaks, additional resources

You can also sample the local Philadelphia Section's monthly technical meeting on February 21. Click here for details. Please note: registration for the meeting is separate from the course. You'll need to register through the Philadelphia Section.

[Click here] for course details
[Click here] to register - registration deadline is January 16, 2013 (deadline is for course registration, hotel booking and CMFS exam sitting).

  • Actively participate in case studies, quiz balls, open panel discussions and more - giving you an opportunity to apply and discuss the concepts you've just learned
  • Grow your network during lunch by interacting and having discussions with course participants and instructors
  • Solve common MWF problems and challenges - including those you've experienced on a daily basis
  • Stay up-to-date with an overview of hot topics in the industry and how they apply to you and your work
  • Document what you've learned with an optional post-course exam (different from the CMFS exam sitting)
  • Maximize your time by attending training and taking the CMFS exam in one fell swoop (exam is offered only if requisite attendance is met, and is separate from the course post-exam; the sitting will take place on Thursday afternoon, after the course has concluded).
“Having little experience with Metalworking Fluids, this course appeared to be a great opportunity to learn about different aspects of these products, without having a lean towards one manufacturer or type of product. The presenters appeared very informed on their topics, and the case studies were a good way to help observe how to investigate different issues tied to metalworking fluids. I also appreciated the electronic copies of the presentations to have as references. I would recommend this course to people in a position such as myself, where one has some familiarity with Metalworking Fluids, but does not have intricate knowledge of them.”  -Mitchell Hunt, John Deere
"I learned more than I thought I would and I have a greater appreciation for formulators and troubleshooters in Metalworking Fluids." - Course Attendee

"I took this course in order to increase my knowledge of the metalworking fluid market. As an additive supplier I wanted to gather insight on the issues my customers face with their own customers. What I received was my expectations and more. I not only learned problem solving for a machine shop but learned more about microbiology and ways to combat it with metalworking fluids. I thought the instructors were very knowledgeable and were able to reach a diverse audience with both basic terminology and also expanding the terminology for those who were advanced. The information presented at this course is so good, I believe I will take the course in the future to help review the topics presented and I am sure I will pick up new ideas.”  -Jason Pesek, Polartech
"The course is taught by industry veterans whose insight and experience is both enlightening and intriguing to anyone with basic knowledge of the field and seeking to further develop their skills." - Course Attendee

"STLE's Metalworking Fluids Management Certificate Course is a keystone for any one involved in the business. The instructors and staff are very informed and helpful." - Tim Harris, Chrysan Industries
"The course was hugely beneficial. Lots of info I didn't know I was missing. Course material will be useful for me and other people in the lab." - Lina Nashif, Lube-Tech

Will you be attending the 2013 MWF Management Certificate Course? If so, what would you like to learn?

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