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November Webinars & Upcoming Regional Education Courses

This month for webinars, we continue our Condition Monitoring series along with three other events focusing on hydraulic fluids and bearings. Registration is now open for all events. You can also get a preview of upcoming education courses below, including our Metalworking Fluid Management Certificate Course (registration now open) and the courses that will be offered at the 2013 Annual Meeting in Detroit, MI. Scroll down for more details.

Classification and Testing of Industrial Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids
Date/Time: Wednesday, November 7, 2012; 12-1pm CT with additional Q&A time from 1-1:30pm
Instructor: John Sherman, Technical Manager, Fuel and Lubricant Solutions, BASF Corporation
Overview: Fire is a major hazard of many industrial applications requiring the use of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids. This STLE Webinar will review the types of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids currently used for general industry, their classification and protocols for certification including specific test requirements.The properties of the types of fire-resistant fluids as well as aspects of their condition monitoring  will also be reviewed.
Fee: $39 for members; $59 for non-members
Registration Deadline: Monday, November 5
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Additional Testing: FTIR, AN, BN, and Particle Counts (fifth event in the Condition Monitoring Data Interpretation Series)
Date/Time: Wednesday, November 14, 2012; 12-1pm CT with additional Q&A time from 1-1:30pm
Instructor: Evan Zabawski, Editor of TLT
Overview: The fifth module of this series will wrap up the individualized parameter review by discussing interpretation of results such as particle count, optical particle classification, acid number and base number.
Fee: $39 for members; $59 for non-members for this event; $210 for members and $330 for non-members for the series.
Registration Deadline: Monday, November 12
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Bearing Damage Analysis, Part II - Going Beyond Rolling Element Bearings
Date/Time: Thursday, November 15, 2012; 12-1pm CT with additional Q&A time from 1-1:30pm
Instructor: Dr. Paul Shiller, Professor, University of Akron
Overview: The purpose of this webinar is to help identify some of the more common types of non-rolling element bearing damage, explain possible causes, and discuss corrective actions. Damage will be discussed in four areas; mechanical, chemical, thermal, and electrical and will cover these and other topics: wear from foreign material, fatigue, overload, handling and installation damage, misalignment, corrosion and inadequate lubrication. Discussion areas on "non-rolling" elements will include plain bearings, journal bearings and sliding contact bearings.  The discussion may also include other lubricated contact applications: sliding guides, shafts, seals, and ball joints.
Fee: $39 for members; $59 for non-members
Registration Deadline: Monday, November 12
[Click here] to purchase Part I: Bearing Damage Analysis in Rolling Element Bearings
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FREE Webinar: Rolling Element Bearing Test Program Development & Data Analysis for OEM Engineers
Date/Time: November 30, 2012, 12-1pm CT
Presenter: Chris Napoleon, President & Chief Engineer, Napoleon Engineering Services (NES)
Overview: This webinar will focus on different bearing testing strategies and how the data is analyzed to provide a design or test engineer with information that supports the qualification process of rolling element bearings.  We'll look at the logic tree associated with bearing qualification then focus on the dynamic tests that can be done, test plan development and methodology, data analysis and comparison of test data to field data.  This webinar is ideal for those individuals who are trying to understand or develop a rolling element bearing qualification program for new product development or negotiating through the global supply chain.
Fee: FREE to attend for STLE members and non-members
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[Click here] to download Chris' previous presentation, The Value of Inspection and Testing on Global Bearing Sourcing

Upcoming Local Education Courses
Metalworking Fluid Management Certificate Course
Date/Time: 2 1/2 day course held February 19-21, 2013 (Tues-Thurs)
Location: Hampton Inn at the Airport, 8600 Bartram Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153
Instructors: Dr. Neil Canter and Dr. Frederick Passman
Overview: This course provides a comprehensive overview of metalworking fluids, and is led by industry-renowned experts. The course is tailored to provide you with a comprehensive look at the latest techniques and practices that are sure to improve your metalworking fluid operation. The course gives you the opportunity to review the various operations that use metalworking fluids, explore the fundamentals of fluid and additive chemistry, analyze factors that affect the quality of metalworking fluids and the work environment, learn about the unique aspects of metalworking fluid microbiology and toxicology, and review a broad range of condition monitoring tests, learning how to use condition monitoring to manage metalworking fluids in individual sumps and large central systems.
Course Fee: $600 for STLE members; $735 for non-members (includes 1 year of free membership)
Inclusions: Course book/materials, lunch on full course days, breaks, additional resources
You can also sample the local Philadelphia Section's monthly technical meeting on February 21. Click here for details.
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Annual Meeting Education Courses
We took your feedback from last year and have added or changed the following elements:
  • We revamped those courses that received constructive criticism from the previous year.
  • We've added two entirely new courses - including a new bearings course from ABMA and a co-hosted course with ASM International addressing corrosion.
  • We're offering 12 courses this year, including 2 more course options than ever before, which means more choice for you, so you can find a course that matches your professional development needs.
  • All education courses come with a boxed lunch and coffee (set up before the course starts, so you can get the most out of the morning and afternoon!).
Course dates have now been assigned, and courses will take place on either Sunday, May 5 or Wednesday, May 8, 2013. You can get more detail on each course as it's posted on our 2012 Annual Meeting page:

Sunday, May 5
  • An Introduction to Corrosion - NEW (co-hosted with ASM International)
  • Basic Lubrication 101 
  • BioFuels & Lubes
  • Condition Monitoring 301: CM in the 21st Century
  • Metalworking 105: Metal Forming Fluids
  • Synthetic Lubrication Overview
  • Grease and Rolling Element Bearings - NEW (co-hosted with ABMA)
Wednesday, May 8
  • Basic Lubrication 102
  • Advanced Lubrication 301
  • Automotive Lubrication - Gasoline
  • Hydraulics
  • Metalworking 250: Understanding and Controlling Metal Removal Fluid Failure
If you have any questions, contact Kara Sniegowski at or contact us at (847) 825-5536.

Will you be attending any of our upcoming events? Which course and why that one?
If you're not attending anything, what would you like us to offer that you don't see offered?

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