Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Metalworking Fluids and Chemical Additives

In this episode, Dr. Neil Canter, Owner and Founder of Chemical Solutions, provides his perspective and input on the Metalworking Fluid Hot Topics course that will be offered at the 2011 STLE Annual Meeting. The course includes many modules, and we talked previously with Dr. Fred Passman on his module about microbicides. You can listen to that episode by clicking on the posting below.

Dr. Canter covers chemical additives and green chemistry in the course, and in this episode, you can hear what he has to say about the course and his reasons to attend.

Click the "play" button (triangle shape on the right) on the slider bar to play the episode in your screen, or if that doesn't work (mainly due to nuances in security settings or computer configuration), you can click here to download the episode. If you prefer, you can read the transcript by clicking here. If you download the text, you will be able to translate it for your use.
Visit our website for more information on metalworking fluids, chemical additives, this education course, and the Annual Meeting. You can also read this previously published TLT article, "The Mysterious World of MWF Additives" to get some background on the topic. This month's TLT is also packed full of articles on metalworking and metalworking fluids, and it is available to everyone as a digital resource. Dr. Canter's article, "Monitoring Metalworking Fluids," is included in this month's issue. If you have questions, our website and TLT are two good places to start.

What are YOUR hot topics? Whether you're attending or not, what do you think really matters to the metalworking fluid industry right now? Leave us a comment below and get the discussion going.

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