Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Synthetics with Gregory Bell

In this episode we talk to Gregory Bell, Senior Engineering Associate with Dupont Performance Lubricants. We discuss synthetics including their definition, their use, and advantages. We also talk about the upcoming Annual Meeting Education Courses - Synthetics 203 and Synthetics 204. Find out what the course covers, the intended audience for each course, and reasons to attend. Greg is one of the Synthetics 203 instructors and will provide a peek into both courses, his module, and the field of synthetics as a whole.

In these Annual Meeting courses, each instructor brings their own personal experience into the classroom and provides unique tips and insight that they have picked up from their work. See what Greg's tip is when it comes to synthetics and fluorinated lubricants.

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If you want to learn more about synthetics, you can visit our website for more news, information and research. You can also read the following articles that appeared in STLE's monthly member magazine, TLT, also called Tribology & Lubrication Technology.

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