Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In Search of: The Perfect Biodegradable Lubricant, continuing the discussion started in TLT

In this episode, we talk to Lou Honary, Professor and Director of the UNI-NABL Center in Waterloo, Iowa. He sheds some light on his contribution to the article appearing soon in the June issue of TLT, called "In Search Of: The Perfect Biodegradable Lubricant" by Jean Van Rensselar. Our conversation is part of the overall discussion started by the article, but takes it down a different path, including a discussion on the labeling system used by the USDA for biobased products.

Find out where the conversation goes by clicking the play button above, or by clicking here to download the episode, or you can read the transcript. You can get more information about Lou by viewing his profile. You can also peruse our website for more information about the subject. Keep an eye out for the article in the June issue, which is available online here at the beginning of June, and available in your mailbox! Update: TLT is unveiling a new cover, and some new features in the digital version - see if you can spot the changes!

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