Thursday, May 5, 2011

Register by May 10: Panel Discussion on Current Issues in Wind Energy Tribology

Good news! This year's Annual Meeting will feature a new and unique opportunity:

A panel discussion on Current Issues in Wind Energy Tribology will take place at the Annual Meeting, and was originally scheduled to be broadcast only from the AM in the form of a webinar. Many attendees requested that this opportunity be made available to those attending, and now, it is!

On May 17, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), whether you are at your office or attending the Annual Meeting, you can take advantage of this special presentation.

The cost to attend is $39 for members and $59 for non-members. Whether you attend online or on-site, you will have post-event access to the event recording and event materials including presentations slides, reading materials, and the Q&A Session Summary.

Register now to ensure you get a seat to this unique event! When registering, make sure you choose the correct product - either "Attend Online" or "Attend Onsite." To attend onsite, you will need to have your receipt to enter the event. This presentation is not included in Annual Meeting registration, and as such, you must register separately, and the deadline is fast approaching. The registration deadline is set for May 10, 2011. Register by that date to ensure your participation in the online or onsite event. You may not be able to attend if you register after that date. See the product listing for more information about registration.

For more information on the panel comprised of six well-renowned professionals or the event itself, you can view the flyer here.

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  1. Thanks to all the panelists: Gary Doll, Aaron Greco, Kevin Harrington, Shawn Sheng, David Van Langevelde, and Erwin Zaretsky. They all did a fantastic job and it showed in the finished product and the reviews received:
    "I found this webinar to be very informative on several levels: failure analysis, current wind energy applications, future of wind energy, and condition monitoring and maintenance recommendations."
    -Shane Allen, Summit Industrial Products

    "The presentation of material was fantastic, and the panel was well put together to cover all knowledge bases for the information being conveyed."
    -Andrew P. Hodges, Bel-Ray Company

    "The webinar provided a good opportunity to get in touch with experts in that particular topic! Furthermore, it was a good opportunity to get a general, but at the same time, detailed overview about the topic and insights into the field."
    -Jens Kamman, SKF Maintenance Products

    "Good topic, good information, and knowledgable individuals."
    -Greg Hier, Nebraska Public Power District

    You can now purchase the recording of the event and get access to all the event materials, including references cited by the panelists in the session. See what you missed at the Annual Meeting!