Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Recap of the UEIL Metal Removal Fluid Symposium with Greg Foltz and John Burke

Listen to this week's episode as we talk to both Greg Foltz (right), Engineering and Development Manager at Cimcool Industrial Products and John Burke (lower left), Director of Engineering Services at Houghton International Inc. Greg and John were 2 of the 3 chairs for the technical tracks at the conference. The tracks included Innovation, Application and Regulation. Greg and John covered the first two, with John addressing Innovation and Greg covering Application. Listen to the highlights and key take-aways, and their recommendations for moving the industry forward.

Click on the slider bar to play the episode in your screen, click here to download the episode (you have the option to open it to play immediately or save it and listen later), or click here to read (and translate) the transcript of the interviews.

Robert Gresham, one of STLE's staff members was also present at the symposium. Be sure to read Bob's upcoming article in the December issue of TLT to get his take on the symposium. You can easily stay updated by reading TLT online, with the digital version. Click here to read this month's issue. You can also check out the UEIL website for more information on the Symposium, including the list of presentations by track. Be sure to visit our website for a number of resources on MWFs and related topics. We have started to compile some of the MWF resources available through STLE here, but you can also conduct a search. If you have suggestions as to content we should provide, let us know.

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