Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Aerospace in Tribology with Vern Wedeven

Join us this week as we talk to Vern Wedeven, who has been in the aerospace industry for more than 20 years. He highlights some neat aspects of his career, including the fact that he started at NASA the same week as the Apollo 13 mission, and different projects which have been memorable. He also covers some more recent work and projects, and provides detail on the boon of hiring in a certain sectors of aerospace.

For those interested in the field, Vern delineates aeronautics from astronautics, and details key concepts and terms one must know when discussing and working in the field. Given his experience, he also provides some of his best practices and advice to those working in the field.

Click here to listen or download the episode, click here to read the transcript, or click play in the slider bar above to play it in your screen. Be sure to visit the website for more news, information and research on the aerospace field. You can check out some of the articles we have on the subject on our website, or click the following links: Foil Air Bearing Technology Takes Flight, and two technical articles on particular applications: fighter engines and high speed civil transport. Feel free to leave comments on this interview, on other challenges or research questions you have, and resources you'd like us to offer.

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